1.2.2 Secure and synchronize router configuration files

1.2.2.a Examine router configuration files to verify they are secured from unauthorized access.
1.2.2.b Examine router configurations to verify they are synchronized—for example, the running (or active) configuration matches the start-up configuration (used when machines are booted).

While the running (or active) router configuration files include the current, secure settings, the start- up files (which are used when routers are re- started or booted) must be updated with the same secure settings to ensure these settings are applied when the start-up configuration is run.

Because they only run occasionally, start-up configuration files are often forgotten and are not updated. When a router re-starts and loads a start-up configuration that has not been updated with the same secure settings as those in the

running configuration, it may result in weaker rules that allow malicious individuals into the network.