2.2.3 Implement additional security features for any required services, protocols, or daemons that are considered to be insecure

2.2.3 Inspect configuration settings to verify that security features are documented and implemented for all insecure services, daemons, or protocols.

Enabling security features before new servers are deployed will prevent servers being installed into the environment with insecure configurations.

Ensuring that all insecure services, protocols, and daemons are adequately secured with appropriate security features makes it more difficult for malicious individuals to take advantage of commonly used points of compromise within a network.

Refer to industry standards and best practices for information on strong cryptography and secure protocols (e.g., NIST SP 800-52 and SP 800-57, OWASP, etc.).

Note: SSL/early TLS is not considered strong cryptography and may not be used as a security control, except by POS POI terminals that are verified as not being susceptible to known exploits and the termination points to which they connect as defined in Appendix A2.