Light Weight Encryption Solution

Requirement#3 and Requirement#4 has a special demand: Encryption.

While all existing “big” vendors are trying to align their already existing “heavy” (initial cost, hardware requirement, footprint) products as ‘panacea’ for ALL requirements, there are many “frills” getting added. CFOs tend to think as we have already purchased a big fat solution, let’s try and fit it for all requirements of PCI DSS.

No wonder none of the big vendors are coming with a mapping showing its product name/suite and the corresponding PCI DSS Requirement it is capable of solving.

Then, where is the idea of “Small is Big” and “Mix-n-Match” solution?

Thankfully, Wipro Technologies India comes with a sleek solution for Encryption requirement. A Tokenization solution that offers API for all modern languages/interfaces and a server deploy-able capable of storing data in encrypted format. One just needs any existing application server and database to deploy the solution at and code couple of lines in the client (POS, Web Application, Any other application) to effect the solution.