[PCI DSS 3.0] 12.9 Additional requirement for service providers: Service providers acknowledge in writing to custo

12.9 Additional requirement for service providers: Service providers acknowledge in writing to customers that they are responsible for the security of cardholder data the service provider possesses or otherwise stores, processes, or transmits on behalf of the customer, or to the extent that they could impact the security of the customer’s cardholder data environment.

[I]Note: This requirement is a best practice until June 30, 2015, after which it becomes a requirement.

Note: The exact wording of an acknowledgement will depend on the agreement between the two parties, the details of the service being provided, and the responsibilities assigned to each party. The acknowledgement does not have to include the exact wording provided in this requirement. [/I]

12.9 Additional testing procedure for service providers: Review service provider’s policies and procedures and observe written agreement templates to confirm the service provider acknowledges in writing to customers that the service provider will maintain all applicable PCI DSS requirements to the extent the service provider handles, has access to, or otherwise stores, processes or transmits the customer’s cardholder data or sensitive authentication data, or manages the customer’s cardholder data environment on behalf of a customer.

This requirement applies when the entity being assessed is a service provider. In conjunction with Requirement 12.8.2, this requirement is intended to promote a consistent level of understanding between service providers and their customers about their applicable PCI DSS responsibilities. The acknowledgement of the service providers evidences their commitment to maintaining proper security of cardholder data that it obtains from its clients.
The method by which the service provider provides written acknowledgment should be agreed between the provider and their customers.