The Impact of Wireless Technology on the Retail Industry
Retailers today are using wireless LAN (WLAN) technology extensively to enable mobility within the store for POS terminals, inventory management, and voice. However, because most retail security practices have been focused on the authorized WLAN activity, broad knowledge of the security threat from unauthorized WLAN technology may not be well understood, which has resulted in several prominent retailers facing audits and penalties due to WLAN security breaches. This new breed of wireless threats is a critical component of PCI compliance, which is mandatory for all merchants that store, process, or transmit credit card data through retail stores, mail order, telephone order, and e-commerce. These risks can compromise a retailer’s network and must be understood and defended against.

Join us to hear:
[li]Overview of PCI compliance and why it’s so important to the retail industry[/li][li]Examples of potential WLAN threats to retailers and strategies to defend against them[/li][li]How to ensure that PCI compliance is maintained[/li][li]Real-life retail case studies[/li][/ul]
Roger Nebel
National Strategic Security Practice Leader
FTI Consulting

Ted Ross
Director of Systems Engineering

Dennis Tsu,
Vice President, Marketing
AirTight Networks

Rick Gallagher
STORES Magazine and LPinformation

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Noon Eastern

One hour, including a Q&A session

Who should attend:
Senior Executives in Information Systems/Technology, Allocation/Planning, Operations/Distribution, Finance and Compliance

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